New Technology in Selecta Envases

In March 2023, the inauguration event of the new machinery recently acquired and installed at Selecta Envases, our plant located in Santiago de Chile, was held.

The new investments consist of a KBA format 145 6-color printer and two varnish towers that allow UV to be applied online, two KBA Ibérica die-cutters, one format 145 and another format 106, both with pose separators, and a second gluer. of KBA Omega Alpro beer baskets with 14 injectors, which is added to the existing basket gluer.

To achieve the maximum performance and capacity of these new machines, some expansions were made to the plant with the construction of a new die shop, the relocation of the quality offices and the technical office to convert this space into square meters of plant. In turn, the finished products warehouse, which was relocated to deliver those meters to production, and the installation of a mechanical warehouse that adds 900m2 for the logistics of inter-process products.

All this implied a 40% increase in useful meters of production.

Additionally, a new dining room was built, new changing rooms for plant personnel and the main office was expanded and modernized.

Given the importance of this new acquisition, the CEO of Koenig Bauer (KBA), Ralf Sammeck, was invited to travel to Chile with Dirk Winkler, Manager of New Products and Marketing.

Also accompanying Selecta were the main managers of CMPC’s Cardboard Unit, Francisco García Huidobro, General Manager, Thomas de la Mare, Commercial Manager and Benjamín Villanueva from the Innovation and Development area, while Marcia Ferrer, from the Bank of Chile, was also present. Risk Manager, Ximena Escobar, Manager of large companies and Gabriel Osorio, account executive.

We congratulate the entire Selecta Envases team for this important commitment to growth in the Grupo HZ region.