Beyga Humaitá, with over 40 years of experience, has consolidated a strong position as a producer of raw materials by planting eucalyptus and pine forests sustainably in the Uruguay River area and the surroundings of Concordia. Highly committed to biodiversity, we continuously expand our forests by means of our up-to-date production criteria, to make sure native woodland is protected and natural ecosystems preserved.

En la imagen se muestra un camino con arboles verdes y grandes en un bosque.
En la imagen se muestra vacas en un pasto verde.
En la imagen se muestra campo abierto verde con caminos de tierra y almacen de papeles.

Agribusiness Companies

Vidra has conducted operations since 2008, from its facilities in San Carlos, Ramallo as a cereal and oilseed producer. It is also engaged in the production of livestock and pigs.

Our agriculture employs state-of-the-art technology and focuses on direct seeding, crop rotation and integrated pest management, generating sustainable and environmentally friendly results.

Showing our commitment, our farms have implemented a production process that prioritises animal welfare. In addition, the sophisticated technology of our equipment and genetics can turn grains into animal protein, adding value to our production from the very beginning.