Since environmental protection is an essential value, we establish the following principles:

  • Comply with the environmental legislation applicable to the municipality, province or nation.
  • Encourage the continuous improvement of our environmental performance and make the necessary efforts to cushion the environmental impact our activity may have.
  • Prevent pollution, deal with the most significant environmental aspects of our operations and minimise their impact and environmental risks.
  • Use energy and natural resources efficiently.
  • Provide environmental training to our staff.
  • Apply the following premises:
    • Recycle.
    • Proper waste management, constantly aiming at waste reduction.
  • We are all responsible for environmental management in HZ Group:
    • The Group provides all the means and resources to comply with this policy.
    • Anyone who enters the Group’s facilities– our own staff, suppliers, contractors and customers– follows the environmental management system.
    • The Group shares these principles throughout its value chain and with the communities where it operates, in order to foster environmental protection and to keep an open dialogue with the interested parties.

En la imagen se muestra desde arriba la fabrica de Grupo HZ con arboles alrededores.