Packaging business unit

We specialise in the manufacture of folding cartons and show our commitment to reliable supply since we produce essential folding cartons for food and other first need products.

Our Packaging Business Unit comprises leading companies in the region:

  • Interpack, leader in the manufacture of paperboard and micro-flute folding cartons, based in Villa Luzuriaga, Prov. of Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Innovapack, manufacturer of paperboard folding cartons, based in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
  • Selecta Envases, manufacturer of micro-flute and paperboard folding cartons, based in Santiago, Chile
  • Celomat, leader in the manufacture of flexible packaging and wrap-around labels, based in Pilar, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • Farmográfica, a joint venture for the manufacture of pharmaceutical and specialty packaging, based in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

As part of our diversification strategy, we also have international joint ventures with Tetra Pak Argentina-Uruguay to manufacture containers for liquids and WestRock for multi packaging.

En la imagen se muestra una maquina para hacer el formato del carton.
Area de maquinas

Continuous improvement and reliability

Our packaging production plants are constantly evolving to meet market needs, by applying the latest technology, production line automation and continuous improvement processes. Our integrated production process takes place in-house and is highly equipped as well as updated in terms of its management systems, international certifications and good manufacturing practices. We are highly committed to continuous improvement, which drives our evolution, to keep up with market demands.

Our production plants certified by ISO quality standards, Chains of Custody and Food Safety support the long-term business relationships we build with our customers, based on our experience and reliability.