We launched the first biodegradable cardboard spoon on the market

The Biohz ® spoon degrades in 12 to 18 months while plastic spoons take more than 400 years.

Under the increasingly present environmental problems and the new needs of consumers, we challenge ourselves to think differently. Break our paradigms by developing attractive value propositions for different markets, taking advantage of our capabilities, experience and economies of scale.

We created the Biohz line inspired by biodiversity, evolution and care for the environment. Under this product line brand, we focus on developing and manufacturing innovative, functional, disruptive, recyclable, environmentally friendly products at competitive prices.

The Biohz spoon is biodegradable, it is suitable for direct contact with all types of foods and temperatures, its structure is resistant, it does not have bleaches and it has an anti-humidity and anti-grease treatment. Biohz spoon has a novel design, different from any cardboard spoon worldwide, because it has an ergonomic handle that is comfortable, soft and long-lasting.

Development process

This development was a joint project at a regional level between the companies of the packaging unit of the HZ Interpack Group, together with Celomat, Selecta and Innovapack. At the same time, work was also carried out on the development of machinery that automatically forms and glues the spoon, optimizing production costs and enabling mass manufacturing and marketing. Both products are in the international patent process, and the design is protected under an industrial model.

“There were several designs that were tested until the ideal was reached. A strong point to develop was that the spoon is ready to use, that it does not require assembly and that it does not modify the consumer’s habit. We know the cultural obstacles and the effort that can be involved in changing a consumer habit. We look for the optimal design to go to market with a spoon proposal that is easily accepted,” says James, regional Innovation and Development leader.

Single-use disposable plastics are one of the global problems to be solved. In the case of disposable plastic cutlery, they are used in an average of 20 minutes and take about 400 years to degrade, “We must start now with the replacement of these elements, and the spoon is the first of several more products that are going to join the Biohz line” says Pablo Garcia Regional Commercial Manager.