Integration and regionalisation

Our strategic location in the region allows us to be close to international customers and ensures product supply, smooth communication and the fulfilment of needs.

In turn, our vertical integration with Papelera del Sur places us in a privileged position in the market and ensures the supply of raw materials to manufacture paperboard and micro-flute folding cartons.

En la imagen se muestra dos manos en forma de corazón y en el medio una respresentación del planeta tierra con papel.
En la imagen se muestra una mano agarrando una planta.


Innovation is in our essence and we apply it to both our working methodology and the development of new products, to create functional and sustainable alternatives.

Our international and Research and Development Departments provide shared know-how and synergy, bringing tangible benefits to our customers:

  • Knowledge and understanding of demands to develop better products and services.
  • Prompt project management to address market needs fast and effectively.
  • Optimisation, to boost the efficiency and quality of our products.
  • The development of alternative sustainable flexible packaging following current trends.

International Benchmark

We are actively and globally engaged in the packaging industry. We are members of international associations such as the International Packaging Group, the European Carton Makers Association y and the Flexible Packaging Network. We participate in international networking meetings where knowledge, ideas and projects in the fields of innovation, productivity and quality in the packaging industry are exchanged.

En la imagen es muestra todo el equipo de trabajo mirando hacia al frente.