National Industry

Our Paper and Paperboard Business Unit conducts its operations through Papelera del Sur, manufacturer of recycled raw materials, H. Koch, distributor of materials and Index, its logistics centre.

Papelera del Sur is based in the city of Tornquist, in the south of Buenos Aires province, being the major source of skilled employment in that city. This production plant manufactures recycled, biodegradable and recyclable coated paperboard. Papelera del Sur is a pioneer in Argentina and one of the few producers of this kind of material in the region. Our commercial offices, based in the facilities of H. Koch, Caseros, in Buenos Aires province are close enough to offer our customers proximity service and technical assistance. 

Papelera del Sur markets directly its products for large volume orders or through H. Koch, distributor in the retail channel. 

On the other hand, Index, from its plant in Buenos Aires, operates as a raw material logistics centre for Papelera del Sur and other packaging companies in HZ Group.

The integration of our Paper and Paperboard Business Units provides a differential value service throughout the raw material supply chain.

En la imagen se muestra la fabrica con más de 10 toneladas de papel reciclado.
En la imagen se muestra un hombre operando carro de carga industrial


We have over 50 years’ experience in the national paper industry and over 100 years’ in the distribution of paper and paperboard throughout the country. 

Our products have been chosen over the years by major mass brands, laboratories, industries and the food industry, serving as the main raw material for packaging production.