First spoon made of recyclable and biodegradable cardboard arrives in Brazil.

The Biohz ® spoon degrades in 12 to 18 months, while plastic spoons take more than 400 years.

August 14, São Paulo – Innovapack, one of the leading packaging suppliers in Brazil, brings innovation to the country’s food service market with the first recyclable and biodegradable cardboard spoon. The utensil is suitable for contact. direct with all types of foods and temperatures, having a resistant structure, combined anti-moisture and anti-grease treatment. The Biohz® spoon is the first launch of a line of innovative and sustainable products.

The development of this line, as stated by Cláudio Gonçalves, Commercial Director of Innovapack, began with the spoon because, among cutlery, it is the most used and consumed on public roads. “We developed a biodegradable cardboard spoon, suitable for direct contact with all types of food. In addition, it has an innovative design, different from any cardboard spoon in the world, since it has an ergonomic and resistant handle, in a triangular shape. The most The important thing is that it is a sustainable alternative to the plastic spoons that we see everywhere. Disposable cutlery is used for about 20 minutes on average and, if it is made of plastic, it takes about 400 years to degrade.

The Biohz line, being made of biodegradable cardboard, will take less than a year and a half. “Single-use disposable plastics represent a serious problem to be solved around the world. We need to replace these items and the spoon is the first of several products that will be added to the Biohz line. Innovapack hopes to scale the product to 35 million in the state of São Paulo within the first year, with a suggested retail price competitive with alternatives available on the market, whether conventional plastic spoons or other alternatives, such as bamboo spoons.

To develop this product, resources and technology available in the Group’s companies were used. The R&D team, which has extensive knowledge and experience in the design of new products, applied the necessary knowledge to achieve the final development. As an exclusive technology incorporated, a special automatic machine was developed to form and glue the spoon. It took almost a year of work to reach the ideal design.

About Innovapack

In 2001, Grupo HZ, one of the main packaging groups in Latin America, landed in Brazil to be closer to its multinational clients. Through a regional investment, the Group acquired Gráfica Rodar, starting Innovapack, a cardboard packaging manufacturer in Itaquaquecetuba, São Paulo.
With a history of more than 65 years, the Packaging Unit offers integrated packaging solutions that include cardboard packaging, micro corrugated packaging, flexible labels, self-adhesive labels and joint ventures with leading companies in the manufacturing of containers for liquids and multi-packages.

Sustainability and innovation are the main pillars, which encourage the development of new, functional, innovative and environmentally friendly products. In 2021, investments of more than 18 million reais were made, which allowed production growth of more than 90% compared to previous years.

With a group of highly qualified professionals sharing innovation and development, Innovapack is positioned among the main Packaging suppliers in Brazil.