An Argentine company avoided the production of seven tons of plastic with an innovative utensil

This is Interpack, a leading manufacturer of cardboard and microcorrugated packaging. The company developed the Biohz line, which offers innovative and sustainable products. In the last year, they sold 2,300,000 units of their star product: the sustainable spoon. In addition, they participated in Bioferia, the most important event in the environmental niche in Latin America.

“Our first launch was the first spoon made 100% of cardboard, without plastic laminates, with anti-humidity and anti-grease barriers. We wanted to start with a massive product and reinvent it in a more sustainable way,” explains Pablo Garcia, New Business Development Manager. This product was well received by Argentine consumers who had been demanding alternatives with a lower environmental impact in businesses such as ice cream parlors. This becomes clear when reviewing some data: while the sustainable spoon degrades over a period of 12 to 18 months, the plastic option can take 400 years.

The products of the Biohz line are characterized by applying innovation to develop functional, disruptive and accessible product alternatives, committed to caring for the environment. The response from the local market was very positive. In fact, in the last year, the company sold 40,000,000 generic containers for gastronomic products. They also sold 2,300,000 sustainable spoons, which allowed them to replace 7 tons of plastic products. Its differential consists of offering a plastic-free, biodegradable and recyclable alternative.

In relation to the emergence of these products, Pablo clarifies: “We created the Biohz line inspired by biodiversity, evolution and care for the environment. Under this line of products we develop and manufacture biodegradable and recyclable disposable packaging.” Biohz not only had good adhesion in Argentina but continued to expand throughout Latin America. It recently landed in Brazil with Innovapack, a Grupo HZ company in the neighboring country, which develops and produces cardboard packaging.

For its part, Grupo HZ is one of the main packaging groups in the region. “Under the existing environmental problems and the new needs of consumers, we challenge ourselves to think differently; taking advantage of our knowledge, experience and economies of scale. We propose a more circular and regenerative way of producing, to create products that help and inspire consumers to lead a more conscious lifestyle,” say its representatives.

Grupo HZ is vertically integrated with Papelera del Sur, the only company that manufactures recycled coated cardboard for packaging. “In 2022 at our Tornquist plant, we process 59,000 tons of cardboard and paper, the equivalent in volume of 81 professional soccer fields, which we use to manufacture new materials,” comments Mariano Procicchiani, Commercial Manager of Papelera del Sur. Its purpose is to promote a more circular and regenerative economy, with the collaboration of each client. Each of them, when choosing their products, aligns themselves in the same direction to fulfill their mission. “We manufacture noble materials, with high percentages of recycled components, which contribute to promoting a sustainable consumption and production model.”

HZ Group participated in the 2023 edition of Bioferia, which took place between March 31 and April 2 at the Palermo Racecourse, Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. In this framework, the company spoke with the public that passed by its stand, with the aim of educating about the 7Rs and responsible consumption. In particular, company representatives emphasized the importance of choosing biodegradable and recyclable packaging as well as the habit of recycling. In addition, they offered attendees organic popcorn in a biodegradable container produced with terraprint cardboard (an alternative to natural cardboard from Papelera del Sur).

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