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The companies of the Group are determined to develop and to become a factor of well-being and progress for society, in an environment that is open to participation and new ideas. By means of concrete actions such as water treatment, waste recycling and those certifications that prove responsible management of natural resources, we reaffirm our commitment to environment protection. Those policies and actions are derived from our philoshophy: growing sustainably, by using resources intelligently, and bearing constantly in mind that quality of life is above industrialization.


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We offer solutions in packaging, being clearly conscious of our socio-environmental responsibility and preserving the legacy our future generations will receive.
We are concerned about complying with the current environmental regulations. Therefore, the companies that make up our Group implement policies that cushion the impact of industrial development on the ecosystem.
Our sons have the right to live and enjoy the pure and perfect nature of the earth we live on. Since we have preceded them in life, it is our obligation to prevent the environment from being polluted or altered. The exploitation of resources must be comprehensible and sustainable. Day by day, our efforts to achieve those goals are reflected in certifications such as FSC and PEFC, plants for treatment of effluents, and our paper recycling facilities, among other initiatives.


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Our development model is based on high economic, social and environmental values.
We assume social responsibility and that we are highly committed to the sustainable development of our society. This is clearly seen in the proper and skilled jobs we offer, the promotion of the professional development of our staff, the development of our customers and suppliers, and the social capital we build.
We believe that quality and private individuals’ commitment are competitive advantages, capable of encouraging the growth and expansion of our company. As a consequence, we seek to develop their abilities and skills, by offering ongoing training to achieve excellence in our processes. We also motivate our staff to fulfill its true potentiall, with guiding principles oriented towards group work, involvement, interaction, the exchange of ideas and suggestions, so as to create a working environment that maximizes efficiency and fosters self-learning and self-management, by the practical and systematic implementation of tools for the improvement of management in the region.
Our commitment is reaffirmed by our contribution to social progress and the support we give to different activities and organizations that promote community well-being.


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